Teenage girl studying in the kitchen
Teenage girl studying in the kitchen

How early learning services can support families during the coronavirus pandemic

This article was originally published by Be You. It is intended for early learning educators.

During the coronavirus pandemic, as things change and learning communities adapt to new circumstances, there are many ways that educators and families can work to support each other. Here are some of the ways in which educators can connect with and support families.

Communicate with families

Take a coordinated approach with families to supporting children’s mental health during the outbreak. Share your knowledge, including the information in this resource on how to support children.

The World Health Organization has developed a flyer on Helping children cope with stress during the 2019-nCoV outbreak, while the Raising Children and Emerging Minds websites also have information that could be distributed to families.

As well, the Smiling Mind app has mindfulness activities for families at home.

Stay connected

If families are keeping children at home, think about how they can remain connected to your early learning service for a smoother transition back to the service. For example, ask families to continue sharing news, information and photos from the service with their child. Encourage families to send photos to share with friends and educators at the service. Work with families to decide what will work best.

Create a culture of kindness

Encourage your learning community to look out for each other and do simple things that make each other’s day easier or happier. Promote kindnesses in communication with families, which can instill a culture of hope.

For more information on stress and anxiety, including how to support children experiencing anxiety, visit the Be You website.

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