How educators can look after their own mental health during the coronavirus pandemic

This article was originally published by Be You.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, make time to look after yourself so you’re in a better position to support those around you.

Below is some useful information that educators can use to look after their own mental health during the coronavirus pandemic.

Focus on your service’s strengths

Be confident in knowing that early learning services and schools already have strengths that will help you get through the outbreak. For example, strong health and safety policies, including hygiene practices.

Be kind

As your learning community works through the challenges, it’s important to be kind, compassionate and patient with each other – skills that you already practise every day as educators.

Get your information from trusted sources

Think about where you get your information, as it can impact on your mental health.

Use trusted sources such as the Australian Government’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) health alert and Health Direct websites, the World Health Organization, and information from peak bodies such as Early Childhood Australia.

Consider limiting your news and social media consumption if it’s impacting on your mental health.

Manage your stress levels

To manage your stress levels, try to maintain your routines, know your limits, debrief with trusted colleagues, family or friends, and find ways to stay engaged and connected during the outbreak.

The Be You website provides information on wellbeing tools and how to practise mindfulness, which can help with stress management.

The Beyond Blue website provides more information on how to look after your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak.

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