Close up of hand holding smart phone using the TEN app
Close up of hand holding smart phone using the TEN app

TEN - The Essential Network for health professionals

This article was originally published by Black Dog Institute.

COVID-19 is causing high levels of stress for health care professionals and the risk of ongoing mental health consequences.

The time to step in is now – and thanks to Government funding Black Dog Institute is working fast to bring health care professionals the support they need by developing an integrated specialist mental health support system designed specifically for them and launching TEN – The Essential Network, an app supporting health professionals to manage life and work through COVID-19.

What is it?

‘TEN’ is a mobile app and website that connects and provides fast, easy, anytime access to evidence-based tools, resources, programs and specialists.

Developed by health professionals for health professionals, it’s a one-stop resource and help centre, providing self-assessment, self-management and treatment for stress, anxiety and symptoms of depression. At the core is an online clinic screening tool designed to recommend relevant resources and online tools based on report outcomes.

The app will also facilitate a streamlined online referral process for telehealth consultations with specialist clinicians.

Delivered by world leaders in technology, mental health and public health, the app is fit for purpose and robust in both functionality and evidence base.

Working collaboratively with the partners below, the aim is to be a valuable part of health workers’ professional network. A connector to the help that’s needed - whether that’s initial screening, information and self-help tools, peer support, online programs or one-on-one consultations with mental health specialists via telehealth.


  • Black Dog Institute
  • Hand-n-Hand Peer Support (HnH)
  • SAS
  • This Way Up STV
  • UNSW
  • University Melbourne/Phoenix.

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