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Focus on forums pattern illustration

Focus on forums: Community kindness during the coronavirus pandemic

Beyond Blue regularly publish a selection of personal reflections, concerns, questions and comments around a certain subject or theme, shared by community members on our online forums. Here we focus on the messages of community kindness expressed in our Coping during the coronavirus pandemic forum.

Quirkywords is ringing friends in nursing homes
“Hello everyone, I like the uplifting positive post with helpful hints. I can see a theme developing where people are sharing ideas, talking about communities supporting each other and neighbours helping neighbours – just like what happened during the fires and floods. Of course, there will always be people who take advantage of a situation but there are more who show kindness. If you know of anyone who is showing you kindness, or ways you have helped others, or any tips that will help – share them. I am ringing up friends in nursing homes just to have a chat.”

Matchy69 talks about their experience at the supermarket
“I have a nice story to tell. When I went grocery shopping this morning, I got everything I needed except for toilet paper. When I walked out after paying there was a man leaning over a trolly and he said to me: ‘Do you need toilet paper?’ and I said ‘I do, but I couldn’t get any’. He then handed me some. I said ‘How much?’ and he said ‘Nothing, it’s yours, I’m handing them out to people who can’t get any.’ He then gave me two boxes of tissues too. I tried giving him some money but he wouldn’t take it. It put tears in my eyes. I thought what a beautiful person. It was so good seeing this man do that after all the bad stories circulating about people fighting over toilet paper. I have given that roll to my elderly neighbour who said she couldn’t find any the other day and was just about out. And I gave one box of tissues to my ex-wife.”

Sashenka shares coping strategies online
“I'm glad forums like this exist to try and share coping strategies during this difficult time, especially for those of us who found life challenging before any of this madness even started.”

PawPrints is donating to the elderly
“My local general store only has a limited range, so they have put out a call asking us if we can purchase something extra when we shop in town and drop it off with them. They’re donating it all to the elderly who can't get into town for the early openings and have been missing out on essentials. I’ve decided to nip into the supermarket to grab a few things to donate at the next early opening.”

Blufftuff is making hampers
"We have just started making hampers that we can deliver to the elderly at no charge, which I think is great for community spirit. I have noticed when you start to help those in your community you feel much better about yourself and lowers stress and anxiety. This my experience anyway.”

Doolhof uses the online forums to connect with others
“It is wonderful we have this forum to connect on, to share how we are feeling, to be supportive, and help each other where we can. Expressing how we are feeling and reacting to situations like the coronavirus can be so beneficial. This virus is very concerning, I appreciate that enormously. On a lighter note, I have enjoyed some of the clever songs that are floating around on social media. Might be worth a look. May we all find ways each day, maybe each hour, to get through this.”

Velvetfaerie shares workout links
"My gym crew have a group where we are all posting workout links, our workouts, and support for meltdowns. A great big love in and support fest. It is helping. We will get through this. People need to be smart, kind and think about the greater good, not just themselves.”

WanderingAround is creating a work community from home
“After this time, I feel strangely stronger and more optimistic. Not because I improved or became better, or became a better boss. But because I relied on my colleagues and on this forum for support, because I offered my ears and because I made the best with what I have. Because I told people to look up and remember that this is our chance to make the world a better place, even if it's to a small group of people around you. Each little action counts.”

The Beyond Blue online forums are a great way to connect with people online in a safe and anonymous environment. Discussion topics cover anxiety, depression, suicide and a range of other life issues. Anyone in Australia can participate in discussions, connect with others and share their experiences with our community.

Note that all names listed above are pseudonyms and that quotes have been lightly edited for clarity.

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