Focus on forums pattern illustration
Focus on forums pattern illustration

Focus on forums: Finding comfort during unsettling times

Beyond Blue regularly publish a selection of personal reflections, concerns, questions and comments around a certain subject or theme, shared by community members on our online forums. Here, we focus on the uncertainty of the pandemic and how our members have found comfort from the forums themselves.

Richie01 says the forums have changed their perspective on things
“I never saw much value in forums, this one has really changed my perspective. I think I’m changing my view on a lot of things at the moment. Long overdue. I will continue to be a part of these chats. I hope in time my participation will benefit others more than myself. That’s important to me.”

SD0102 finds the forums reassuring
“I’m so glad that I found these posts. As I have only just started experiencing anxiety since COVID-19 started, it is new territory for me, so it was reassuring to read that you have all experienced similar symptoms and that they are quite normal. Thank goodness for these forums, it is so nice so see the support from others.”

Aphador says the forums are their support network
“I would recommend using these forums as a place to share your progress, kind of like a support network. There are many people here that have gone through similar situations and feel similarly to you who can offer you counsel.”

SlimMan uses the forums to reflect
“I'm not at the low ebb I was when I first wrote on the Beyond Blue forum. Your words have helped and taking time out to write and reflect has too.”

Vbonbon now feels heard since joining the forums
“Writing in this forum did help me. I really appreciate it. Today I don’t feel as bad as I did yesterday. I guess these forums are a good way of supporting people and helping people feel heard.”

quirkywords says listening to others helps
“Honestly, I get more than I give. Being able to come here and listen to others has really helped me. Sure, this year has been a struggle for us all, but these forums are a lifeline.”

DM95 psychologist suggested joining the forums
“My psychologist suggested these forums to me and from what I’ve seen there are some very kind people here.”

Jane24 has found people on the forums who understand
“It's nice to know that there are people on these forums who understand and care.”

Susannah H has only recently joined the forums
“I have only just discovered these forums. And they are a blessing. I get lost in my own head, and it is good to step outside myself, and realise that we are all in this together.”

Gambit87 says the forums lifted a huge weight of their shoulders
“These forums are a God send. My advice: open up and talk about things, it’s hard at first but once you start it lifts a huge weight off your shoulders.”

TheBigBlue suggests writing things down
“I’ve tried so many different things to get me through hard times. Sleep and food were two. Then I started to write things down. It was a way to express myself without ever having to show it to anyone. Then I discovered these forums. Now that I’m out of work (due to COVID-19) I have found time to start to get back into art.”

Matchy69 says the forums are non-judgemental
“I don’t make friends very easily and if I do, they don’t last long with my depression and anxiety. I found these forums very good for talking to people without judgement. In the real world I find people don’t understand mental illness and it is really hard making friends and being accepted.”

The Beyond Blue  online forums  are a great way to connect with people online in a safe and anonymous environment. Discussion topics cover anxiety, depression, suicide, and a range of other life issues. Anyone in Australia can participate in discussions, connect with others, and share their experiences with our community.

Note that all names listed above are pseudonyms and that quotes have been lightly edited for clarity.

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