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Focus on forums: What are you grateful for?

Beyond Blue regularly publish a selection of personal reflections, concerns, questions and comments around a certain subject or theme, shared by community members on our online forums. Here, we focus on what our members are grateful for and what strategies they’re using to cope in our Coping during the coronavirus pandemic forum.

quirkywords no longer takes things for granted
“Has anyone noticed how grateful they are for doing things they used to take for granted? Like a meal in a restaurant, a coffee, going into an antique shop or having a haircut.”

SapereAude is glad restrictions are slowly lifting
“I'm glad that Australia is slowly lifting restrictions, it will be interesting to see what we learn from this. Will we appreciate everyday life more? Have we found new hobbies and learnt new skills? Will we rediscover the great outdoors rather than spending too much time online? What positives can we take to improve our lives for the future? What would we not want to repeat again? As the lockdown lifts, I think it's good to reflect on ourselves and our country to map out a better path going forward.”

Ecomama is grateful for helpful friends
“Today, I am grateful for my friend helping me with paperwork. We got almost all of it done – yay, huge relief. Things that help me cope include breathing better – I can breathe more deeply than when I first joined the Beyond Blue forums – trusting my instincts more and beginning to take steps to better self-care.”

Sleepy21 says mindfulness works
“Today, I am grateful for:

  • Mindfulness, which works for me.
  • Feeling good for standing up for myself.
  • Getting something from the supermarket that's been out of stock for weeks.”

Blufftuff takes inspiration from completing projects at home
“What has inspired me has been people completing all their outstanding DIY projects as they work from home. Also rethinking priorities and spending time with family. This is a time when we should all be aware of our neighbours and community and ways we can help each other. Helping someone really makes a difference not only to their wellbeing but to yours as well.”

Guest_294 journals all the good things in the world
“During the pandemic, I have turned to journaling. Writing down what I feel grateful for has really helped. My loving boyfriend, my amazing family, my photography and my drawing crop up a lot. On really bad days, I get my thoughts down on paper. I write down all the bad stuff, then I usually write again when I’m feeling more positive, which helps me rebalance my thoughts. This is such a stressful time but keeping note of good things in the world and checking in on myself has been amazing.”

Jesicca is grateful for loved ones
“During this difficult time, I’ve felt grateful for my boyfriend. He has been incredibly supportive when I have felt a little lost (having lost my job due to my work temporarily closing), and I have realised the importance of telling people you are grateful for them.”

CMF is starting a gratitude journal
“It certainly has been a testing time. I’ve been able to slow down a little, learn how to relax. I've painted my house, taken more of an interest in cooking. I think I'm becoming a little bit better at putting things into perspective and how to challenge my anxiety. I've started meditating, stretching, and just stopping to breathe when I’ve felt overwhelmed. I'm starting a gratitude journal too. These are all things I was 'too busy ' for before. Hopefully, I will continue with them.”

The Beyond Blue  online forums  are a great way to connect with people online in a safe and anonymous environment. Discussion topics cover anxiety, depression, suicide, and a range of other life issues. Anyone in Australia can participate in discussions, connect with others and share their experiences with our community.

Note that all names listed above are pseudonyms and that quotes have been lightly edited for clarity.

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